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Our experienced doctors and our caring and knowledgeable staff, working with the latest technology, are here to provide you with the neonatal and delivery care you expect and deserve.

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Gynecological care is an essential aspect of healthcare for women. Here at Associates in Women's Health Care in Pueblo, CO, we are proud to provide this service to all our patients. Whether you are concerned with abnormal menstrual cycles, dealing with changes brought on by menopause, or simply wanting to stay healthy and happy, we will put your care first!

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We pride ourselves in providing excellent prenatal care for our patients from conception up to delivery at Parkview Medical Center. Our experienced OBGYN & Midwife Care in Pueblo, CO provides comprehensive and compassionate care to make sure you and your baby are happy and healthy.

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Our providers here at Associates in Women's Health are highly trained and experienced in various minimally invasive surgical techniques that shorten surgery time, cause less pain, and provide a faster recovery so you can get back to what you enjoy the most!

da Vinci Xi Providers

What is robotic surgery?

 It’s a technology that provides patients with benefits such as smaller incisions, shorter recovery time, reduced risk, less pain, and more. Essentially turning your surgeon into a superhero—giving your doctor 3-D magnified vision and 360˚ dexterity of four arms, allowing for more effective, precise surgical movements.

Pueblo Gynecological Surgeons - Robotic Surgery

Patient Benefits

    • Smaller incisions

    • Less blood loss

    • Less pain

    • Reduced risk of infection

    • Shorter hospital stay

    • Less scarring

    • Quicker return to work

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The OBGYN & Midwife Care in Pueblo, CO of Associates in Women’s Health Care is dedicated to providing patient-centered, quality care to the people in our community.