Acessa: Fibroid Relief in Pueblo Colorado

As an alternative to a hysterectomy, the doctors at Associates in Women’s Healthcare, which offers OBGYN and Midwife Care in Pueblo, can now treat uterine fibroids with a novel surgical method, Acessa.

Invasive surgeries, such as myomectomy (removal of the fibroids) and hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), were previously used to treat fibroids. However, now it’s possible to cure fibroids without requiring large incisions or uterine damage.

The Acessa procedure guarantees a speedy recovery, minimizing the likelihood of fibroid recurrence.


What Does the Acessa Procedure Entail?


The Acessa technique, also known as Laparoscopic Radiofrequency Ablation (or LAP-RFA), is an outpatient, minimally invasive surgery that requires two minor abdominal incisions. It causes the fibroid tissue to coagulatively necrotize by applying heat and regulated radiofrequency energy.

In contrast to alternatives, the Acessa procedure optimizes uterine imaging by simultaneously displaying the views from the laparoscopic camera and the ultrasound in real time. This allows medical professionals to detect and treat fibroids almost anywhere, including inside and outside the uterine walls.


Who Is the Acessa Procedure For?

This procedure is intended for premenopausal women (usually under the age of 55) suffering from the pain and discomfort of fibroids who are seeking a minimally invasive way to retain their uterus and resume their regular lives as soon as possible.


How Can Associates in Women’s Healthcare Pueblo Help You With Fibroid Relief?

Since its founding in 1971, Associates in Women’s Health Care has been a leading OBGYN and Midwife Care Pueblo institution, passionately serving women. Our team of healthcare professionals can help decide whether the Acessa procedure is appropriate for you.

Our leading surgeon, Dr. Fernando Mahmoud, has received honors during his career, including “Special resident in minimally invasive gynecology.” And he’s been leading the Acessa procedure in our facility, so you’re in safe hands.

For more details, contact our team today to schedule your appointment!

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