Associates in Women’s Health Care Pueblo – Do I Need an OBGYN When Pregnant?

Pregnancy can be one of the most unforgettable events in a woman’s lifetime. Choosing a doctor for prenatal care is an important step for you and your baby’s well-being. You might be asking yourself—do I need an OBGYN when pregnant?

What is an OBGYN?

OBGYN is an abbreviation for obstetrician/gynecologist. These physicians specialize in women’s health, focusing on pregnancy and childbirth. From puberty to postmenopausal, OBGYNs see all ages of women.

Importance of OBGYN Appointments for Pregnancy

OBGYNs are specially trained to provide prenatal care, which is vital for a healthy pregnancy. After a positive home pregnancy test or four weeks past a missed period, it is best to make an OBGYN appointment as soon as possible. Appointments include exams, lab tests, and ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy, along with emotional support and sound advice.

Your first OBGYN appointment for pregnancy involves calculating your due date, discussing your health history and risk factors, and scheduling further prenatal visits.

  • Weeks 4 to 27—visit once a month
  • Weeks 28 to 36—visit every two weeks
  • Weeks 37 to birth—visit every week until baby arrives
  • Postpartum—visit at two weeks and six weeks after delivery

OBGYNs are skilled at handling complicated pregnancies. Pregnancy symptoms, concerns, and health risks are addressed at OBGYN appointments, and if you have medical conditions (e.g., diabetes), you can receive treatment while pregnant. Seeing your OBGYN ensures you and your baby’s health are well-monitored.

Attending your OBGYN appointments for pregnancy in Pueblo can give you the security of knowing how the pregnancy is going. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can for the well-being of your unborn child.

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