Associates in Women’s Health Care Pueblo – What does it mean to be board certified? Board Certified OBGYN

At Associates in Women’s Health Care Pueblo, we strive to provide the best women’s healthcare possible. We are constantly pushing the practice to go above and beyond the traditional standard of care so our patients can experience exceptional care every time they schedule an appointment with us. One way we do this is by giving our patients access to board-certified OBGYNs. This helps ensure our level of care and knowledge are provided to those visiting our practice with the leading care they expect. Our talented team has 6 board-certified OBGYN physicians and 3 certified nurse midwives to serve your women’s health needs in Pueblo. Colorado.

What Does it Mean to be Board Certified? 

A board-certified OBGYN physician has completed a medical degree from a qualifying medical school as well as a three- to five-year residency. After these requirements have been met, they can seek board certification by taking an exam from an accredited organization. This certification is the gold standard in the industry and lets patients know they are receiving high-level care they can trust. To remain a board-certified OBGYN, a physician must maintain their certification annually.

Benefits of Board-Certification 

What does it mean to be board certified? To practice in the field, OBGYNs are not required to be board certified, but the certification helps ensure to their patients that their practice is up to date with the latest changes in the field. Board-certified OBGYNs are continuously bettering themselves to learn new competencies and excel in their specialties.

Here at Associates in Women’s Health Care, we strive to bring the best care to our community. Our providers specialize in routine and high-risk pregnancy care, abnormal uterine bleeding, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, PCOS, endometriosis, pelvic pain, infertility, and more. Enjoy peace of mind that you are getting the care you can trust with our talented team of board-certified OBGYNs.

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