Menopause Treatment

Due to hormonal changes from menopause, vaginal function and elasticity are reduced, and tissue atrophy occurs. The walls of the vaginal canal become thin and dry, causing vaginal itching and dryness, while intercourse could become painful. Luckily, the Mona Lisa procedure is here to provide menopause treatment for these and other issues such as urinary stress incontinence and urgency. 

The Mona Lisa Touch

Women experiencing dryness, burning, and itching can be treated by our innovative Mona Lisa Touch in Pueblo Co, as our dual therapy provides this menopausal treatment to the internal canal and the external genitalia. The device works by emitting a CO2 laser through the vaginal wall, encouraging collagen production and increased blood flow to the area.  

Expected results include rehydrated vaginal tissue, tightened vaginal canal, and increased natural secretions. The healthy, regenerated tissue can give women feelings of comfort, rejuvenation, and improved sexual wellness.